July 23, 2024

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Top Tamil new movies currently streaming on aha.

1.    Udanpaal

The cast of Udanpaal

Karthik Seenivasan directs the film Udanpaal under the production company D Company. The main cast members of this movie include Linga as Parama, Gayathrie as Kanmani, Vivek Prasanna as Murali, Abarnathy as Prema, Charlie as Vinayagam, etc. The cast selection is perfect, especially Charlie playing the role of father.

The story of Udanpaal

Udanpaal is a comedy-drama film with some suspense that will keep you excited. The story starts with the introduction of Vinayakam’s family, including his son and daughter. Vinayakam’s son Paraman and daughter Kanmani are in dire financial straits. When Vinayakam dies unexpectedly, his children, instead of grieving, get greedy for the compensation the government will provide. But certain twists arise, making the story fun and tragic.

2.    Miral

The cast of Miral

  1. Sakthivel is the director of the Miral movie under the production company Axes Film Factory. Bharath as Hari and Vani Bhojan as Rama (Hari’s wife) are the leading characters of the film. Other cast members include Meera Krishnan, K S Ravikumar, Rajkumar, Kaavya, etc.

The story of Miral

Miral is a Tamil slasher film with a story based on the true events of an autobiographical novel. The film is filled with many mysteries, violence, and action, which will not keep you bored at any point. The story starts with Hari and his family getting stuck on a deserted highway. Starting with a stranger warning them, they face a series of strange events and even get attacked by another creepy individual. The story is about the suspense, whether they will survive those incidents and who is causing the troubles. The film can also be considered a psycho-thriller, with scary parts that easily catch the audience’s attention.

Driver Jamuna movie review: Aishwarya Rajesh film is slow but engaging thriller - Hindustan Times

3.    Driver Jamuna

The cast of Driver Jamuna

Driver Jamuna is a suspenseful crime thriller film starring Aishwarya Rajesh as Jamuna, Aadukalam Naren as Maragathavel, and Kavitha Bharani in the lead roles. P Kinslin directs the film with the production company 18 Reels. The cast selection of this film is excellent, especially with the women driver role played by Aishwarya Rajesh.

The story of Driver Jamuna

The movie starts with Jamuna, a dedicated cab driver, choosing this profession against her mother’s will or advice. She unexpectedly picks up a group of goons who threaten her to follow their orders. The next part of the movie is about whether she can outsmart those goons or become a victim. One interesting fact about this movie is that most of the story revolves around the car – cab alone.

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